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How and when I do a meniscal repair-C.HARNER.pdf
_Knee Imaging_current concept-F.KELBERINE.pdf
How I do an ACL reconstruction-P.NEYRET .pdf
Approaches in TKA_MIS, Medical, Keblish-JC.MONLLAU.pdf
_Difficult Menicectomy-P.LANDREAU.pdf
How I do an ACL reconstruction-P.COLOMBET.pdf
Approaches in TKA_MIS, Medical, Keblish-F.ALMQVIST.pdf

Difficult primary TKR

Soft tissues_Skin-multiple scars, coverage, flaps-J.MENETREY.pdf
Bone_How to deal with a loss of bone stock (bone grafting, stem, modified implants)-P.DJIAN.pdf
Extensor mechanism dysfunction in the failed knee (eg muscle deficit)-J.VICTOR.pdf
TKA for fracture in elderly patient-S.PARATTE.pdf

Improving flexion in knee arthroplasty

Preop normal knee_role of rehab, anti fibrotic-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Post TKR_MUA, yes or not, when-N.MAFFULLI.pdf
Post TKR_Arthroscopic arthrolysis-JC.MONLLAU.pdf
Prop stiff knee_Which expectations_Soft Tissue realease-S.PARRATTE.pdf
Hyper flex TKR_Complications-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Controversy_Fixed is better-J.MENETREY.pdf
Hyoer flex TKR_Implant design, 2 opinions-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Better to remove it-J.ESPREGUEIRA.pdf
Preop normal knee_Influence of the approaches (MIS, Keblish)-S.PARRATTE.pdf
Controversy_Keep PCL intact is better-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
Hyper flex TKR_Does it improve function(literature)-M.BONNIN.pdf
From normal to hyperflexion-J.VICTOR.pdf
Preop normal knee_Sizing implants-femoral AP, PE thickness, patella et implant thickness-F.BONNIN.pdf
Controversy_Mobile is better-S.PARRATTE.pdf

Multiligament injuries

Surgery_Steps of reconstruction_Grafts selection in chronic multiligament injuries-P.LANDREAUpdf.pdf
ACL_PCL management-P.NEYRET.pdf
Complications of multiple ligament surgery-C.HARNERpdf.pdf
How I do a PCL_LCL reconstruction-M.OCHI.pdf
How I do cmedial reconstruction-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Overview about treatment options-M.KUROSAKA .pdf
Repair or reconstruction-M.OCHI.pdf
Posterolateral Corner injurie-C.HARNER.pdf
Acute cases_Algorythm in emergency-A.WILLIAMSpdf.pdf
Debate_One surgery or different stages-J.MENETREY.pdf
Prop stiff knee-which expectations of soft tissues release-S.PARATTE.pdf
Acute cases_Clinical examination and imaging-C.FINK.pdf
Improving flexion in TKA_The Influence of the approach-S.PARATTE.pdf
Acute cases_Surgical indications for the lateral aspect of the knee-P.DJIAN.pdf
Results of different treatments-P.COLOMBET.pdf
Surgical indications medial aspect of the knee-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Debate_One surgery or different stages-P.BOISRENOULT.pdf
Conservative_Are rehab and braces effective-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Repair or reconstruction-P.DJIAN.pdf
Combined lesions-R.SEILpdf.pdf
How I do Medial(POL,MCL)-M.KUROSAKA.pdf
Acute cases_Conservative treatment-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
Complications of multiple ligament surgery 2-C.HARNER.pdf
Clinical and imaging assessment-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Mobile is better-S.PARATTE.pdf


Management of failed PCL reconstruction-P.COLOMBET.pdf
DB reconstruction_How I do-M.KUROSAKA.pdf
Mechanisms of rupture and epidemiology-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Clinical cases presentation_avulsion, tibal slope-M.KUROSAKA.pdf
Round table_Experience per continent_surgical indications-J.ESPREGUEIRA.pdf
Controversy_The place of synthetic ligament-P.DJIAN.pdf
MPFL reconstruction_How I do-M.OCHI.pdf
Natural History-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Inlay reconstruction(different approaches)-P.NEYRET.pdf
Risks and complications of surgery-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Conservative treatment_rehabilitation-J.MENETREY.pdf.pdf
PCL anatomy et biomechanics(included meniscofemoral ligaments)-C.FINK.pdf
Clinical and anatomical results of PCL repair-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
SB reconstruction_How I do-C.HARNER.pdf
Clinical cases presentation_avulsion, tibal slope-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Round table_Experience per continent_surgical indications-M.OCHI.pdf
Imaging and laximetry-P.BOISRENOULT.pdf
Round table_Experience per continent_surgical indications-C.HARNER.pdf
Round table_Experience per continent_surgical indications-C.FINK.pdf

Stiff knee

Infra-patellar contracture syndrom_definition, diagnostic, treatment-P.COLOMBET.pdf
Posterior release_indication and technique-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Stiffness after knee arthroplasty_Hot topic-when to revise a stiff TKR_difficulties, risks and advantages-J.VICTOR.pdf
Stiff knee after medial compartment injury (MCL sprain, MPFL reonstruction)-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Stiffness after fracture_Extra-articular release How I do-J.MENETREY.pdf
Stiffness after intra articular ligament reconstruction (ACL or PCL)_Lack of flexion, of extension or both-P.BOISRENOULT.pdf
Stiffness after knee arthroplasty_Is there a place for only soft tissue release-M.BONNIN.pdf
Definition, pathoanatomy and classification-J.ESPREGUEIRA.pdf
Stiffness after knee arthroplasty_arthroscopic arthrolysis-MONLLAU.pdf
Stiffness after fracture_Arthroscopic arthrolysis_How I do-S.PARRATTE.pdf
Stiffness after fracture_Intra and extra articular causing factors-C.FINK.pdf
Clinical assessment and imaging-P.NEYRET.pdf
Special lectures_Rules of rehabilitation to minimize the risk of stiffness-E.SERVIEN.pdf
Stiffness after fracture_Prevention-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Stiffness after intra articular ligament reconstruction (ACL or PCL)_Surgical indications-P.NEYRET.pdf
3D TKA A specific concept of knee ligament balance(LIMA FRANCE)-A.FERREIRA.pdf
Stiffness after knee arthroplasty_Pre, per and post operative causing factors-P.DJIAN.pdf
Difficult primary TKR_The stiff knee-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf

Tendinous lesions aroound the knee (from tendinopathy to rupture)

Overuse_Iliobial band syndrome-pathogeny, diagnosis, treatment-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
Osteotomies and laxities-P.NEYRET.pdf
Surgical anatomy of extensor mechanism-P.BOISRENOULT.pdf
Other locations_Pes anserinus tendinitis_Popliteus and biceps tendinitis_Fabellitis and medial gastrocnemius-S.PARRATTE.pdf
Hot topic_Is there a place for PRP-J.ESPREGUEIRA.pdf
How I repair an acute patellar tendon rupture-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Overuse_Conservative treatment-N.MAFFULLI.pdf
Overuse_Jumper's knee-etiology, diagnostic, classification-E.SERVIEN.pdf
Reconstruction of chronic ruptures of extensor mechanism-E.SERVIEN.pdf
Quad tendon_How I repair an acute detachment-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
How I do a arthroscopic ITB release-P.COLOMBET.pdf
Tendon pathoanatomy-N.MAFFULLI.pdf
Post operative rehabilitation-C.FINK.pdf
Fat Pad syndrome-P.LANDREAU.pdf
TKR Large deformity PC-P.COLOMBET.pdf
Hot topic_Is there a place for PRP-J.MENETREY.pdf
Breaststroker's knee-P.LANDREAUpdf.pdf