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Flyer 2010


Revision of failed duble bundle reconstruction-B.KLOS.pdf
Place for augmentation_Hot topic_P.BEAUFILS.pdf
Focus on knee rotation-R.SEIL.pdf
Revision of single by double-S.PLAWESKI.pdf
Revision of single by double2 -S.PLAWESKI.pdf
Do we rebuild a real new ligament (ligamentization)-J.MENETREY.pdf
Navigation for ACL_science or daily surgery_-B.KLOS.pdf
When do I use double bundle ACLR-N.AMENDOLA .pdf
Results of ACL double bundle reconstruction in 2010_meta-analysis-L.ENGBRETSEN.pdf
Technique of double bundle repair_How I do-B.KLOS.pdf
Double bundle_Decision making for all, selected or none patients-L.ENGBRETSEN.pdf
Revision of failed double bundle reconstruction-B.KLOS.pdf
My intra-articular landmarks-P.NEYRET.pdf
_Kinematics of reconstructed (single and double) ACL-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Special lecture_What I have learned from 30 years of ACL reconstruction-P.CHAMBAT.pdf
Partial rupture_Clinical and imaging diagnostic-F.BENAZZO.pdf
Single bundle is still the gold standard-B.KLOS.pdf
Anatomy of the ACL-D.DEJOUR.pdf
Partial or complete reconstruction-P.BEAUFILS.pdf
Single bundle is still the gold standard-F.KELBERINE.pdf


Difficult meniscectomy_How I do-P.BEAUFILS.pdf
Knee imaging_Current concept-G.VAN HELLEMONDT.pdf
Why I choose this type of prothesis-KELBERINE .pdf
How I harvest_BTB-R.SEIL.pdf
How I harvest_tips and trick_Hamstring tendons-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Why I choose this type of prothesis-F.BENAZZO.pdf

Intra articular proximal tibia fractures

Clinical check-R.SEIL.pdf
Current Concept and classsification-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf
_Complex cases_porotic bone, distal extended lesion, multiple lower limb fractures-R.SEIL.pdf
Internal fixation (minimal ORIF, nail, mlocking plates...)_Rationale of implants-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf
I fix a non complicated lesion_bicondylar fracture-L.ENGEBRETSEN .pdf
Approaches (classic, MIS, arthroscopy)_Mini battle, How I do-J.MENETREY.pdf
External Fixation-P.BEAUFILS.pdf
I fix a non complicated lesion_Depression fracture-P.BEAUFILS.pdf
Malunion (extra and intraarticular)-N.AMENDOLA.pdf
Clinical cases-OUDET.pdf
Do we need graft (bone, bone substitute or cement)-J.MENETREY.pdf
I fix a non complicated lesion_Split fracture-N.AMENDOLA.pdf
Treatment of infection-F.BENAZZO.pdf
Biomechanics et vascularization of native bone-P.BEAUFILS.pdf
Approaches (classic, MIS, arthroscopy)_Mini battle, How I do-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf
I fix a non complicated lesion_A split depression fracture-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf
How I deal in emergency with a cartilage and_or bone defect-L.ENGEBRETSEN.pdf
Postoperative courses (prevention and rehab)-F.BENAZZO.pdf
Treatment of soft tissues combined lesions (meniscus, ligaments, patellar tendon)-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf

Knee arthroplasty Choise of material and fixation

The role of backside wear in osteolysis and the influence of fixation-G.ENGH.pdf
Full PolyE-P.NEYRET.pdf
The role of bearing surface_chrome, cobalt, ceramics, titanium-G.VAN HELLEMONDT.pdf
Different cementless fixation-P.NEYRET.pdf
PE properties (the major role of...)_Hot topic-g_ENGH.pdf
KL ski-ROSSI.pdf
My algorithm for material and fixation (BMI, sex, age, bone...)-G.ENGH.pdf
How I do a cement fixation-F.ALMQVIST.pdf

Patellofemoral instability

Trochleoplasty_Different techniques, indications, risks, results-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Surgery for AKP afterfailed conservative treatment_Debate-G.VAN HELLEMONDT.pdf
Investigations patello-femoral disorders-D.DEJOUR.pdf
take home message (algorythm)-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Arthroscopic lateral release_technique, indication, results-F.KELBERINE.pdf
How I Do a tibial tubercule osteotomy-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
Special cases_PF Instability after TKR-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
How I deal with chondral or chondral lesions associated with acute dislocation-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
PF instability_surgical results with review of literature-G.VAN HELLEMONDT.pdf
How I Do Trocheloplasty-D.DEJOUR.pdf
First time patellar dislocation_epidemiology, assessment, initial treatment-F.BENAZZO.pdf
Chronic patellofemoral instability_Clinical spectrum and classification-P.NEYRET.pdf
_Conservative vs operative treatment in occasional dislocations-N.AMENDOLA.pdf
_Conservative vs operative treatment in occasional dislocations-D.DEJOUR.pdf

Surgical options in unicompartmental arthritis

Round table_Post operative course related to fixation--N.AMENDOLA.pdf
Different types of prosthesis-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
Hot topic_The Place of TKR in unicompartmental arthritis-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Results review of literature-G.ENGH.pdf
UKA HTO For the Young_Clinical cases-JNARGENSON.pdf
_Imaging assessment (FT_FP)-J.MENETREY.pdf
Femorotibial arthritis_Clinical Crietriae for the choice of osteotomy-D.DEJOUR.pdf
Round table_Post operative course related to fixation-KELBERINE_MENETREY.pdf
Place of Arthroscopic treatment in FP arthritis-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Tissue guide surgery (medial uni)-G.ENGH.pdf
Femorotibial arthritis_Arthrosopic debridement_technique, indication and results-L.ENGEBRETSEN.pdf
How I do FP arthroplasty-D.DEJOUR.pdf
How I do a Maquet's osteotomy-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Full PE, metal back, mobile bearing_Debate-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
Choice of Spacer Material-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Femorotibial arthritis_Meniscus allograftCMI cartilage restoration_Hot topics-F.ALMQVIST.pdf
Anatomical criteriae_tibial or femoral for medial or lateral arthritis-P.NEYRET.pdf
Osteotomy versus uni_limits and indications-A.WILLIAMS.pdf
Cas clinic-P.NEYRET.pdf
Full PE, metal back, mobile bearing_Debate-G.ENGH.pdf
How I do opening wedge HTO-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf
Results of UKA_Review of literature-P.LOBENHOFFER.pdf
results of osteotomy_review of literature-N.AMENDOLA.pdf
How I do a lateral uni arthroplasty-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
Facetectomy, Abrasion, Patellectomy_Indications and techniques-D.DEJOUR.pdf
Combined Ligament deficiency_Surgical option-A.WILLIAMS.pdf