Update on cartilage repair

Atraumatic localized osteochondral lesion-S.LUSTIG.pdf
Classification of tears-R.BECKER.pdf
Clinical spectrum-JL.ROUVILLAIN.pdf
Do we have to treat all types of lesion-Is palliative surgery sufficient-M.CARMONT.pdf
Focal defect-biomechanical issue or biological process-M.LIND.pdf
Hot topic-Surgical options for old knees in young patients (meniscus allograft transplantation, CMI, Cartilage restoration)-P.LANDREAU.pdf
How to deal with anatomical limits-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Imaging (alignment,contrast MRI or CT)-A.TROELSEN.pdf
Mid term assessment and criteria for return to sport-R.SEIL.pdf
MSC Stimulation-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf
ORIF- How I do (stable or unstable, graft or not graft)-M.CARMONT.pdf
Osteochondral allograft-techniques, indications-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Special case-trauma (immediate or delayed treatment)-JL.ROUVILLAIN.pdf
Treatment algorithm (age, size, location, stability open, LB, without technique)-N.PUJOL.pdf
Update on chondral grafts and scaffolds-F.BENAZZO.pdf
Wagner (retrograde filling)how I do-F.KELBERINE.pdf


Clinical cases-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf
How to control preoperatively your preop planning-F.KELBERINE.pdf
How to deal with combined lesions during ACLR-N.PUJOL.pdf
Perioperative managment of TKA-JN.ARGENSON.pdf

Difficult primary TKA

For our young colleagues-the learning curve when you change your prosthesis-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
Large deformity_Valgus-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Large deformity_Varus-M.COOLICAN.pdf
Soft tissues_How to deal with a loss of bone stock(bone grafting, stem, modified implants)-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
Soft tissues_Skin-multiple scars,coverage,laps-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf

Multi ligament injuries

Acute cases_ACL_PCL (surgical) management-F.BENAZZO.pdf
Acute cases_Acute surgical treatmen at the medial aspect of the knee-R.BECKER.pdf
Acute cases_Acute surgical treatment on the lateral compartment-M.LIND.pdf
Acute cases_Algorithm in emergency-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Acute cases_Associated lesions (bony,neurovascular,cutaneous)-JL.ROUVILLAIN.pdf
Acute cases_Cases-M.COOLICAN.pdf
Acute cases_Clinical examination and imaging-JM.FAYARD.pdf
Acute cases_Combined lesions-N.PUJOL.pdf
Acute cases_Conservative treatment in acute cases-M.CARMONT .pdf
Acute cases_Debate-one surgery or different stages-R.SEIL.pdf
Acute cases_Debate-one surgery or different stages-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
Acute cases_How I do Lateral(POL,MCL)-R.SEIL.pdf
Acute cases_Post op rehabilitation-JM.FAYARD.pdf
Acute cases_Repair or reconstruction in acute cases-M.COOLICAN.pdf
Chronic cases_clinical and imaging assessment-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Chronic cases_Conservative-are rehab and braces effectives-F.KELBERINE.pdf
Chronic cases_Grafts selection in chronic multi ligament injuries-R.SEIL.pdf
Chronic cases_How I do a medical reconstruction-JM.FAYARD.pdf
Chronic cases_Overview about treatment options-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf
Chronic cases_Surgery-steps of reconstruction-M.CARMONT.pdf
Chronic cases_Tips and tricks to avoid interference between tunnels and hardware-P.LANDREAU.pdf
Chronic cases_What can we expect_Case-based discussion-M.CARMONT.pdf
Chronic cases_What can we expect_Case-based discussion-M.LIND.pdf
Chronic cases_What can we expect_Case-based discussion-N.PUJOL.pdf
Rationale (circumstances,frequency,misdiagnosed) and classification-M.LIND.pdf

Surgery for unicompartimental arthritis

Bone malunion-A.TROELSEN.pdf
Classification of FP arthritis(etiology)-JM.FAYARD.pdf
Clinical Case1-JC.MONLLAU.pdf
Clinical Case2-JC.MONLLAU.pdf
Controversies round TKAs-JA.EPINETTE.pdf
Do we need customized TKA (PSI)-M.BONNIN.pdf
Extensor mechanism dysfunction in the failed knee (eg muscle deficit)-F.KELBERINE.pdf
FP arthritisFP arthritis_Hot topic-the place for bi-UKA or TKA in unicompartimental arthritisPlace of arthroscopic treatment in FP arthritis-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf
FP arthritis_Different types of prothesis-A.TROELSEN.pdf
FP arthritis_Hot topic-the place for bi-UKA or TKA in unicompartimental arthritis-F.BENAZZO.pdf
FP arthritis_Hot topic-the place for bi-UKA or TKA in unicompartimental arthritis-N.PUJOL.pdf
FT arthritis_Anatomical criteria-tibial or femoral for medial and lateral arthritis-M.BONNIN.pdf
FT arthritis_Arthroscopic debridment-technique,indication and results-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf
FT arthritis_Choice of spacer material for HTO-P.LANDREAU.pdf
FT arthritis_Full PE, metal back, mobile bearing- dabate-M.COOLICAN.pdf
FT arthritis_Full PE, metal back, mobile bearing-debate-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
FT arthritis_How I do lateral UKA-A.TROELSEN.pdf
FT arthritis_How I implant a medial UKA-JN.ARGENSON.pdf
FT arthritis_How I implant a medical UKA-S.ZAFFAGNINI.pdf
FT arthritis_Osteotomy versus UKA-limits and indications-M.BONNIN.pdf
FT arthritis_Postoperative course related to fixation-R.BECKER.pdf
FT arthritis_Results of HTO- review of literature-M.COOLICAN.pdf
FT arthritis_Results of UKA-review of the literature-N.GRAVELEAU.pdf
FT arthritis_Review of literature-JM.FAYARD.pdf
Imaging assessment(FT et FP)-A.TROELSEN.pdf
Poor quality and_or congenital disease-M.BONNIN.pdf
Post surgery_After femoral osteotomy-S.LUSTIG.pdf
Post surgery_How to deal with hardware-F.BENAZZO .pdf
Previous infection-JC. MONLLAU.pdf
Special focus on patella (malalignment, major wear, baja or alta)-R. BECKER.pdf
TKA for fracture in elderly patient-F. BENAZZO.pdf