Arthroplasty after previous surgery

After tibial tubercule transfer-N.Pujol.pdf
Skin incisions (approaches)-R.Seil.pdf
Infectious risk-F.Benazzo.pdf
Controversy_restoring the bone stock or implant complement-M.Parratte.pdf
After fracture (including patella)-M.Carmont.pdf
After tibial osteotomy, how I do-JC.Monllau.pdf
After patellectomy-N.Pujol.pdf
Hot topic_Place of scope to choose the technique(Uni_TKA)-M.Coolican.pdf
After ligaments reconstruction (UKA before ACL, TKA before MPFL...)-N.Pujol.pdf
Previous vascular problems-J.Menetrey.pdf

Athlete's knee overuse

Treatment of tendinopathy- ESWT, injections, rehab-JM.Alonso.pd.pdf
Sinding Larsen Johannson disease-JM.Alonso.pdf
Jumper's knee-M.Coolican.pdf
Pes anserinus tendinopathy-N.Graveleau.pdf
iliotibial band friction syndrome-JM.Alonso.pdf
MCL overuse Pellegrini Stieda-F.Kelberine.pdf
Quadriceps tendinopathy-M.Carmont.pdf
Patellofemoral overuse-JM.Alonso.pdf
Surgical treatment of tendinopathy-N.Maffulli.pdf
Osgood schlatter through the ages-P.Landreau.pdf

Atraumatic localized osteochondral lesion(OCD)

ORIF (stable or unstable, graft or not), how I do-J.Menetrey.pdf
New fixation devices-shape and material-F.Kelberin.pdf
Treatment algorithm-JL.Rouvillain.pdf
Natural history and classification-N.Maffulli.pdf
Place of HTO or epiphysiodesis-M.Coolican.pdf
Mosaicplasty, how I do-G.Felmet.pdf
Overview about scaffolds-E.Servien.pdf
Allograft-technique, indication-T.Tischer.pdf
Definition, etiology, epidemiology (including location)-R.Seil.pdf

How to manage menisci lesions

Outside-in meniscal repair, How I do-M.Maffulli.pdf
Meniscal cysts(technique, indications)-M.Coolican.pdf
Complications ofmeniscal surgery-P.Landreau.pdf
Are th clinical signs relevant-P.Landreau.pdf
Discoid meniscus, how I do-T.Tischer.pdf
Inside-out meniscal repair, how I do-F.Benazzo.pdf
Meniscus lesions of the knee- classification and imaging studies using CT arthrography and MRI-F.Lecouvet.pdf
Specificities of roots and peri popliteal tears, How I do-P.Neyret.pdf
Partial meniscectomy, How I do-F.Kelberine.pdf
Update about meniscal allograft and hot topic-synthetic meniscal replacement-P.Verdonk.pdf
Round table_Partial meniscectomy-G.Felmet.pdf
Is there a place for biologic enhancement-JC.Monllau.pdf
Management in pediatric patient-R.Seil.pdf
Classification of meniscal tears-N.Darwich.pdf

Imaging for knee surgerons

Remaining of the session_Clinical presented by surgerons with radiologists input-Chondral defect-G.Felmet.pdf
CT arthrography and MRI-The rivals.Technique, images, basic semiology-F.Lecouvet.pdf
Stress views (telos, varus, valgus)-F.Kelberine.pdf
Imaging options in knee pathology-E.Almusa.pdf
Remaining of the session_Clinical presented by surgerons with radiologists input-MCL-N.Maffulli.pdf
MRI physicsfor dummies-E.Almusa.pdf

Surgical approaches in TKA

Influence of femoral rotation and patella balancing-JC.Monllau.pdf
Large malalignment_Varus-M.Coolican.pdf
Large malalignment_Valgus deformity_Stages of release and lateral condyle osteotomy-N.Graveleau.pdf
Post operative course-N.Graveleau.pdf
AKLOO modified-I.Ghijselings.pdf
Modification of bone cuts and PSI (clinical cases)-S.Parratte.pdf
Avoid bleeding-tourniquet, medications, drainage-I.Ghijselings.pdf
Difficult cases_Patella baja-N.Pujol.pdf
Difficult cases_Stiff knee-T.Tischer.pdf
Soft tissues guided surgery-N.Pujol.pdf
Associated procedures_TTosteotomy-F.Benazzo.pdf
Role of patella_reduced or not-I.Ghijselings.pdf
Influence of soft tissues release_Alignment and joint line, Stages of realease, Is it necessary-E.Servien.pdf
Spacer, distractor, tensor-JL.Rouvillain.pdf
Dealing with sagittal plane_recurvatum deformity, flexum contracture, influence of patella height-R. Seil.pdf
Computer assisted balancing-J.Menetrey.pdf
Large malalignment_Limits for the choices of constrained TKA-P.Verdonk.pdf
Are new designs of implant play a role-F.Benazzo.pdf
Lateral approach (including Keblish)-M.Carmont.pdf
Difficult cases_Skin-S.Parratte.pdf
Hot topic_place of double UKA-S.Parratte.pdf
Influence of different surgical approaches-M.Carmont.pdf
Rationale for stability and mobility(general principles)-F.Benazzo.pdf
Associated procedures_Neurolysis-R.Seil.pdf
Medial approaches_Sub-vastus et mid-vastus-P.Landreau.pdf

Update on ACL reconstruction

Hamstrings vs BTB(literature)-N.Maffulli.pdf
New fixation devices-shape and material-F.Kelberin.pdf
Other ligaments- quad tendon, ITB, allografts-J.Menetrey.pdf
Can we assess ligamentization-M.Coolican.pdf
Single vs double reconstruction(literature)-T.Tischer.pdf
Hot topics in ACLR_new interest in synthetic ligaments-F.Benazzo.pdf
Revisited anterolateral anatomy-anterolateral ligament, ITB-P.Neyret.pdf
Does ACL repair prevent arthritis-E.Servien.pdf
Imaging the post-operative knee after ligament repair-normal finding, complication-F.Lecouvet.pdf
Pediatric ACL reconstruction-R.Seil.pdf
Trans-tibial vs anteromedial portal vs out-in- influence on femoral tunnek-F.Kelberine.pdf
ACL material free-G.Felmet.pdf
Hot topics in ACLR_Place of PRP-JC.Monllau.pdf