Update on ligament fixation

Mechanical enhancement (artificial reinforcement)-M.Carmont.pdf
Available surgical material- from stiches to metal to absorbable-J.Barth.pdf
Biological enhancement-JC. Monllau.pdf
Timeframe of graft healing_Tunnel level(for IA reconstruction) et at cortical bone (for EA repair)-J.Menetery.pdf
How strong fixation is needed after repaired or reconstructed ligament-M.Carmont.pdf


Prevention of infection-guidelines-J.Barth.pdf
Patient's information and consent_Patient's expectations-M.Bonnin.pdf
Mini battle-fast track process-F.Benazzo.pdf
Take home messages-evolution of my practice during these last 3 years-JN.Argenson.pdf.pdf
per and post op bleeding management-S.Albertini.pdf
pain control-S.Albertini.pdf
Role of education-JL.Prudhon.pdf
Do we need anti fibrotics-S.Parratte.pdf

Partial fractures around the knee

partial osteochondral fracture of condyles-S.Gillogly.pdf
Arthroscopic fixation of tibial avulsion of ACL-how I do-B.Klos.pdf.pdf
dealing with partial fracture after patellar dislocation-S.Gillogly.pdf
Bone bruise and fracture-R.Seil.pdf
Diagnostic and treatmentof deep MCL detachment-P.Neyret.pdf
Treatment of symptomatic patella bipartita-B.Klos.pdf
PCL avulsion- indication and techniques of fixation (open_arthroscopic)-D.Wascher.pdf
Round table_How I treat avulsions of patellar et quad tendons-B.Klos.pdf
Posterior condyle fracture- How I do-D.Wascher.pdf
Do we have to fix Segond's fracture-B.Klos.pdf

Painfull knee arthroplasty

Expectations of re-surgery-S.Parratte.pdf
Hypertrophic soft tissues scarring (ITB, MCL, patellar tendon)-A.Toms.pdf
Round table-my keys for success to avoid pain at index TKA-M.Bonnin.pdf
Pain without anatomic finding (with review of the literature)-M.Bonnin.pdf
Low grade infection-D.Wascher.pdf
Update on RSD-A.Toms.pdf
Global and partial loosenings-F.Benazzo.pdf
Round table-my keys for success to avoid pain at index TKA-A.Toms.pdf.pdf
Round table-my keys for success to avoid pain at index TKA-M.Claworthy.pdf
Impingements with implant, bone or ciment-JN.Argenson.pdf
Patella necrosis-P.Neyret.pdf
hot topic-place of arthroscopy-O.Courage.pdf.pdf
Protocol of assessment (clinical,biology,imaging)-P.Neyret.pdf

Fractures and knee arthroplasty

Fracture sequele_How to prevent at the index trauma day-S.Parratte.pdf
Fracture sequele_preop assessment-clinical and imaging-J.Barth.pdf
Hot topic-patellar fracture on patellar implant-F.Kelberine.pdf
TKA for fracture with nonunion-D.Washer.pdf
Salvage procedures (ciment, arthrodesis, TKA removal)-R.Becker.pdf
Indication and treatment of femoral and tibial fractures on TKA-M.Claworthy.pdf
Techniques of complex revision for fracture-D.Washer.pdf
Clinical cases_When to fix, when to revise-S.Parratte.pdf
Multi UKA for post trauma arthritis-F.Benazzo.pdf
TKA on bone malunion (clinical cases)-M.Bonnin.pdf
Does TKA after fracture increase morbidity_review of literature-JL.Prudhon.pdf
Indication of TKA or UKA in acute fractures-S.Parratte.pdf
Fracture sequele_Specificity of skin problems for approaches-M.Claworthy.pdf
Fracture sequele_Specificity of stiff knee-S.Parratte.pdf

Extensor system in TKR

Per operative alignment of extensor system-R.Becker.pdf
Hot topic_patella infera-JL.Prudhon.pdf.pdf
Complications (based on clinical cases)_Post op rupture of patellar tendon- repair, reconstruction-M.Bonnin.pdf
Debate_resurfacing vs inlay-M.Claworthy.pdf
Mini battle-resurfacing patella pro_con-F.Benazzo.pdf
Influence of approaches-A.Toms.pdf
Dealing with a poor bone stock et reconstruction of patella-S.Parratte.pdf
Patella alta_how I do-P.Neyret.pdf
Complications (based on clinical cases)_Per op rupture of patellar tendon-treatment, prevention-JN.Argenson.pdf
Without resurfacing-how I do-O.Courage.pdf.pdf
Is there still a place for patellectomy-D.Wascher.pdf
Round table_Optimizing patellar implant positionning (landmarks)-JN.Argenson.pdf
Is implant sizing of importance-O.Courage.pdf
Round table_Optimizing patellar implant positionning (landmarks)-F.Kelberine.pdf
Hot topic_Release of extensor system for stiff knee (pre,per,post TKA)-F.Benazzo.pdf

Controversy in MPFL technique

Failure of MPFL reconstrcution_How to deal with-P.Neyret.pdf
Failure of MPFL reconstrcution_Spectrum of failure-M.Claworthy.pdf
Minibattle_Is fluoroscopy mandatory for femoral fixation-F.Kelberine.pdf
indications for dysplasia without dislocation-M.Carmont.pdf
Back to anatomy et biomechanics-P.Landreau.pdf
Limits of the MPFL-R-JC.Monllau.pdf
Round table_Techniques of reconstruction, how I do Quad tendon-M.Carmont.pdf
Round table_Techniques of reconstruction, how ido Gracilis et patellar tendon-J.Barth.pdf
Indications for recurrent patellar dislocation-B.SonneryCottetet M.Thaunat.pdf


Clinical cases (interactive session)4-P.Landreau et E.Almusa.pdf
Decision making for meniscal repair et limits-minibattle-R.Seil et F.Kelberine.pdf
Clinical cases (interactive session)3-P.Landreau et E.Almusa.pdf
Anatomoclinic correlation for meniscal lesions-B.Sonnery et M.Thaunat.pdf
Anatomoclinic correlation for ligament injuries-J.Barth.pdf
Clinical cases (interactive session)1-P.Landreau et E.Almusa.pdf
Clinical cases (interactive session)2-P.Landreau et E.Almusa.pdf
How I do a TKA after HTO-F.Benazzo.pdf
Indications and limits for UKA-G.Felmet.pdf

ACL failures I

Anatomical failures_How to chose a new graft-P.Neyret.pdf
Spectrum of failures- overviw et alogorytm-R.Seil.pdf
Clinical assessment of failed ACL-R-M.Claworthy.pdf
Functional failure_Painful knee-J.Barth.pdf
Combined procedures (lateral tenodesis, partial reconstruction)-P.Landreau.pdf
Imaging assessment-B.Klos.pdf

ACL Failures II

Round table based clinical cases(interactive session)-J.Menetrey.pdf
Limits of multiple revision-P.Landreau.pdf
place for second reconstructive surgery_EA procedures-R.Seil.pdf
Long term failure- natural evolution of ACL-R knee_prognostic factors-M.Carmont.pdf.pdf